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Vue éclairée sur les vitamines

Our values

Cléoju is an authentic juice,

because, when it is natural, we have nothing to hide !

Our fruit juices are 100% squeezed fruit and nothing else !

No artificial flavors, no added sugar, no preservatives, no water.

No allergens.

Everything is natural, only fresh fruits.

Cléoju is a balanced juice,

because, when we like it, we ask for more  !

Like the Great Chefs, we compose our recipes with great care. 

We combine the fruits with each other to obtain a delicious juice and a journey of flavors.
This is all our know-how

Rond de fruit par Cléoju

Cléoju is full of vitality,

because our food must be a neat ritual  !

Fruits are naturally provided with vitamins, rich in antioxidants, minerals. 

They are thus beneficial for our health and a good way to boost our immune defenses.

Hippocrates said, over 2,500 years ago  : "  may your diet be your only medicine  ".

It is that today too it must be true.

Cléoju gives a smile,

because, when it's good, we smile,  it's spontaneous  !

We do everything we can to ensure that our fruit juices give

that famous smile that comes from  stomach, the "mmmh  !  "

Axelle boit un détox

Cléoju is Cold Pressed and Preserved in a natural way in HPP,
because, when it's fresh, it's well done

These processes are respectful of the fruit. 
They preserve the benefits, the flavor and freshness of the fruit as if it had remained whole  !

Cléoju says thank you to our mother earth,

because, when we know that fruits do not fall from the sky, it is important to remember where they come from  !

The fruits are the  wonderful result of relationships of nature.

The buds need sunlight to become flowers, and they themselves need the action of pollinators, before they become fruit.     Preserving Biodiversity is therefore Essential  !

Nature is an inexhaustible source of wonder.  Trees, flowers, animals  overflowing with vitality. 
These energies have an influence on our health.

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