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Moines sur un canoë

Our history

The inspiration for a trip

Pol comes back from a trip with the brilliant idea  :  

Want to squeeze some fresh pomegranate!

Pol Vietnam

In 2012,

Pol is a backpacker at heart. He loves to experience the change of scenery at the end of the world.  He goes backpacking to Asia. 

There, on every street corner, small mobile concepts sell authentic products.  On leaving a Buddhist temple, he meets a young woman using an intriguing tool to extract the juice from the fruit.

It tastes the flavor of pure freshly squeezed pomegranate juice.  Wouaaaaw  !     This is delicious  !
Very admiring, It is said that we do not find

that in Belgium.  And this is the revelation  !

Carte du monde
Presse à grenade

Working for a market gardener, he became passionate about fruits.  He decorates the stalls and is seduced by their scent, their texture, their color.  Every day he brings fruits at home - hence the idea of preparing juice recipes with our first blender.  Still obsessed with the revelation of his trip, Pol finds a grenade press.  He decides to do a test at a local flea market.  He settles down with a table, a parasol, his press.  And he prepares pomegranate mixed with orange and there we hear the "mmmh, too good!"

The "Artisan Pressé" was born.

Always in a hurry, always in the juice  !

In 2015,
The "Artisan Pressé", starts his activity. 

The juice bar on events runs through Wallonia. 

With its cups "Enjoy", everybody

recognizes it, and thousands of people are savoring the juices:

The Paradise, The Energetic, The Orange Pomegranate, The Apple Banana, etc. 
The juices make you discover the taste of fruits from here and elsewhere:

the apple from our orchards, the strawberry from Wépion, the leafy orange, pomegranate, clementine, passion fruit, beetroot, etc.

The stalls are nicely decorated with fruit baskets, which awaken the senses of visitors.   Pol shares his passion and knowledge on cold extraction methods.  The customer's smile and  his "mmmh " gives feedback on the quality of our preparations.

That's all "L'Artisan Pressé", it's a great adventure!


In 2020,

Following the coronavirus crisis, the events of the year are canceled, and to bounce back, we decide to take up a new challenge by bottling our juice recipes.

Gobelet Enjoy
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