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L'art de placement des fruits

Our Processes

Our workshop

It is in our workshop that we are happy to create and test our juice recipes.


Our concern is to produce bottled juices with the quality and freshness of a freshly squeezed fruit juice. The choice of the processes of Cléoju and of our production partner was therefore important.

The two essential processes used are  Cold pressing and HPP

A lemon press surrounded by whole lemons

Cold pressing is ideal

The juice is slowly extracted from the fruits, without heat or oxidation.

The fruits are thus crushed and then squeezed.  Then, our fresh juice is directly bottled before being hermetically sealed and ready to be preserved by a High Pressure Process.


This High Pression Process (HPP)
is natural and eco-friendly

Pressé à froid et HPP de Cléoju

Our juice bottles are submerged in a powerful machine  and subjected to a several thousand bars pressure (6000 to 7000 bars), transmitted to the liquid by the water, thus neutralizing germs and micro-organisms while preserving the quality of flavors and vitamins.


A pressure of 6000 bars. It's like being 60 km under the sea?

You are right, it is impossible. Fortunately, we left this task to technology.  


Our fresh fruit juices have been preserved without heat, which preserves all the benefits of fruit.  

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