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L'équipe monte à l'arbre

The team


  We are enthusiasts bursting with energy.

With our Walloon family business we launched  in the bottling of our fruit juice recipes.

Our mission  is ambitious, to make bottled fruit juice a quality and delicious drink for everyday pleasure.

Pol photo de profil


This is our business asset.


Our precursor of original ideas. Trader, independent since always.

Always in a hurry, always in the juice  ! it's his favorite phrase.

Of the "Artisan Pressé", he made a lovely passion and from it, he forged a great experience.


With his backpack, he loves discovery. He reads his travel books every day until the next departure.

Pascale Photo de profil


This is our creative asset.

She has a lot of imagination and intuition.


A little crazy sometimes but it doesn't show at all  !

She loves to compose juice recipes.  She made her hand with the "Artisan Pressé".

She is also our conductor - fortunately without sticks, because between us, sometimes she gets carried away a little ...  !

Lover of animals and nature, she is vegetarian, she loves fruit  ! In short, she is the guardian of our values.

Jérémy Photo de Profil


This is our technological asset.

He is connected electrons, components and flux.

He's rigorous, but he's almost always on time.

He has made a lot of juice with the "Artisan Pressé" since his beginnings.

As a scubadiver, he was offered to go down to the great sea depths with Cléoju's bottles. Since he does not have the right equipment, and we care a lot for him, he was instead entrusted with all the technical and logistical management of Cléoju.

Axelle Photo de Profil


This is our spontaneity asset.


She likes to share her joy of life. She is very festive and very nice!  

Like the rest of the team, she started  with the "Artisan Pressé".

Like a shock instagramer, she brings our little Cléoju to life on the networks and  take him  travel around Belgium searching for the perfect photo!


Cleo photo de profil

It's our mascot!

He is kind and sensitive.  He loves fruits, nature and sport.

He comes  regularly share with you the adventures of our team!  Thanks to him, you will discover the world of Cléoju, its products and its secrets.

Cléo: "Pssst, pay close attention to our networks, I often give you crispy news! If you have any questions about the team, come and see me :-)"

Cléo has a passion, can you guess it?

La cohésion d'équipe
Bouts Doigts Cleo-02.png
Bouts Doigts Cleo-02.png
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