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Les cerises du soleil


Nature has taste!

  A quality fruit juice.

Because Cléoju trusts  

to nature for the taste!


100%  fresh squeezed fruit!

25cl_Le Paradis.png
25cl_Le Detox.png
Noor mange une pastèque

Cléoju, an authentic juice

Cold pressed and preserved in HPP.

Keeps all the freshness

fruit in a natural way.

Cléoju dans une verre

the  Taste

Our craftsmanship

Gamme Bouteilles en herbe.jpg

Cléoju, delivered directly to your home.

To drink at any time of the day, at work,  at sport, with friends, at aperitif,  to give yourself some punch and  smile.

Cléoju regorge de vitalité


Cléoju is bursting with vitality!

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